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The Japan Emergency Team Leaves for Thailand
 in Cooperation with United Airlines

United Airlines Representative in Japan March Schwab
presents tickets to `Operation Tsunami`
Japan Emergency Team Members going to Thailand.

Rewarded by
United Airlines

Any Mileage Plus member
who contributes more than
or 5,000 by
February 28, 2005
will receive a bonus of
500 redeemable miles*


Donations will be used to support emergency activities
where most needed at the time of the receipt

including administrative purposes.


The Japan Emergency Team, Japan`s only non-government related Disaster Relief Team and Asia`s first arrived in the Phuket area, the major area hit by the recent earthquake and Tsunami in its 64th such operation since 1989 following the recent Tsunami.
The next team with support from United Airlines for team members passage and emergency supplies will be arriving shortly.
Further, all donations to the Tsunami Relief Project over $50 will receive 500 Miles from United Airlines!
The earthquake and accompanying Tsunami is believed to have taken up to 150,000 lives to date and the numbers are increasing.

The team is appealing for assistance for the Disaster including the following:
Bottled Water
Sleeping Bags
Medical Kits
Laptop Computers
Canned Food
GSM Cellular Telephones

Supplies may be sent to:
Operation Tsunami
The Japan Emergency Team
Box 65 Azabu
Tokyo, Japan 106-8691

Senders are asked to put the name of the contents on the outside of the box and include 1,000 yen for transportation.
Donations can be sent to:
 Postal Furikae 00140 2 64932
Details and updates and online donations can be made at
or with an American Express Card.


CONTACT US FOR DETAILS: tsunami@tsfm.us

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